About Chang-ki Cup

The Chang-ki Cup is organized by Chinese Go Association and Shanghai Ing Chang-ki Go Education Foundation. It is considered as "small" Ing Cup, its rules are same as Ing Cup's rules. In order to commemorate the birthday of Mr. Ing Chang-ki, Chang-ki Cup will start to play every year on his birthday (10/23). Chang-ki Cup is also one of the highest-prize professional Go tournaments in China, the champion and second-place prize are 400,000 Yuan and 100,000 Yuan respectively. In the first term, 216 Chinese professional players participated in the preliminary and a total of 24 players advanced into the main event.

All editions of Chang-ki Cup

Type Edition Year Country First Place Second Place Details
title 1st 2004 China Kong Jie Wang Lei Games
title 2nd 2005 China Zhou Heyang Kong Jie Games
title 3rd 2006 China Kong Jie Gu Li Games
title 4th 2007 China Gu Li Liu Xing Games
title 5th 2008 China Qiu Jun Liu Xing Games
title 6th 2009 China Wang Xi Wang Yao Games
title 7th 2010 China Tuo Jiaxi Zhou Ruiyang Games
title 8th China Games
title 9th China Games
tournament_pro 10 2013 China Games