About Chunlan Cup

The Chunlan Cup World Go Championship is sponsored by the Chunlan Group of China. 24 participants are invited, from China (9), Japan (6), Korea (5), Taiwan (2), America (1) and Europe (1). The early rounds are arranged to avoid players from the same country playing each other. It is a knockout with round 1 limited to 16 players. The 8 winners combine with 8 seeds in a knockout culminating in a best-of-three final. Komi is 2.75 stones (5.5 points) with Chinese rules, time limits are 3 hours each. The champion prize is US$ 150 thousands, roughly one eighth of the total prize fund of 10 million yuan.

All editions of Chunlan Cup

Type Edition Year Country First Place Second Place Details
title 3rd 2001 Yoo Changhyeok O Rissei Games
title 2nd 2000 O Rissei Ma Xiaochun Games
title 1st 1999 Cho Hunhyun Lee Changho Games
title 4th 2003 Lee Changho Hane Naoki Games
title 5th 2005 Lee Changho Zhou Heyang Games
title 6th 2007 Gu Li Chang Hao Games
title 7th 2009 Chang Hao Lee Changho Games
title 8th 2011 Lee Sedol Xie He Games
title 9th Korea Games
tournament_pro 9 2013 China Chen Yaoye Lee Sedol Games