About Xinan Wang

Xinan Wang is a fast game tournament with one move per 30 seconds, it uses a simple knockout format, the final is also just one game. In 2004, there were 16 players participated, they came from five Weiqi national teams in southwestern China. The champion prize is 30,000 Chinese Yuan (about US$ 3,600), the runner-up prize is 15,000 Chinese Yuan.

All editions of Xinan Wang

Type Edition Year Country First Place Second Place Details
title 3rd 2004 China Zhou Heyang Gu Li Games
title 2nd 2003 China Gu Li Ding Wei Games
title 1st 2002 China Yang Yi Ding Wei Games
title 4th 2005 China Wang Lei Zhu Yuanhao Games
title 5th 2006 China Wang Lei Wang Xi Games
title 6th 2007 China Gu Lingyi Yang Yi Games
title 7th 2008 China Gu Lingyi Li Jie Games
title 8th 2009 China Gu Lingyi Gu Li Games
title 9th 2010 China Wang Xi Piao Wenyao Games
title 10th 2011 China Gu Lingyi Dang Yifei Games