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(;C[Downloaded from]SZ[19]EV[1st Zhonghuan Cup round 2]DT[2004-09-18]PKM[6.5]PB[Cho U]BR[9p]PW[Lee Changho]WR[9p]RE[W+4.5];B[qd];W[dd];B[pq];W[oc];B[cp] ;W[qo];B[pe];W[qk];B[eq];W[qh];B[cf];W[fd];B[bd];W[cc];B[ci];W[kc];B[op];W[qb] ;B[jp]LB[pg:a][mc:b]TR[qd][pe];W[ne];B[pg];W[ph];B[nf];W[of]LB[oe:a][og:b]C[The hane of W24 is very strong and unyielding, if Black simply cuts at 'a' White will block at 'b', Black is a little far-fetched in the fight.

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