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(;C[Downloaded from]SZ[19]EV[Korea 11th GS Caltex Cup final game 3]DT[2006-11-27]KM[6.5]PPB[Choi Cheolhan]BR[9p]PW[Lee Sedol]WR[9p]RE[W+R];B[pd];W[dp];B[qp];W[dc];B[oq];W[ce];B[qj];W[nc];B[pf];W[pb];B[mc]LB[qc:a];W[md];B[lc];W[od];B[oe];W[pc];B[ne];W[qd];B[nd];W[pe];B[qe];W[pd];B[qf];W[nb];B[le];W[fq];B[jp]LB[oo:a];W[oo]C[In this shape, the play of W28 is a superb move, Black is painful and has no good answer.

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