Rank: 9p
Country: China

Cao Dayuan's career highlights

  • Born on 1/26/1962 in Shanghai, China.
  • At the age of 11, started learning go.
  • In 1982, became 6 dan pro.
  • In 1986, promoted to 9 dan pro.
  • In 1994, won 27th National Go Individual champion, in 1995 third place.
  • In 1986, won 8th New Sports Cup champion, and 3rd New Sports Cup second place.
  • 1st Guoshou second place, 1st Tianyuan second place.
  • In 1990, New Sports Cup final challenger.
  • In 1991, Asian Cup second place.
  • 6th Mingren title final challenger, 5th Qiwang final challenger.
  • Won 1st Bawang title.
  • In 1996, won 1st NEC Cup champion.
  • 8th Fujitsu Cup quarter-final.
  • 8th Top Ten second place.
  • In 1996 and 1998, won 9th and 11th CCTV Cup champions.
  • Won 6th Baisheng Wire Cup champion.
  • Won 96 Postal Savings Cup champion.
  • 7th Samsung quarter-final.

Cao Dayuan's games on GGW

Black Player White Player Result Played on Played at Commented By
Cao Dayuan Lee Sedol B+R 2002-08-28 Samsung Cup Download Watch