Rank: 9p
Country: Korea

Cho Namchul's career highlights

  • Born on 11/30/1923, died on 7/2/2006, the founder of Korean modern Go.
  • In 1937, went to Japan and became a disciple of Kitani Minoru.
  • In 1943, went back to South Korea.
  • In 1954, became 4p.
  • In 1983, advanced to 9 dan pro.
  • In 1956-1964, won 1st-9th Korea Guksu titles for 9 consecutive times.
  • In 1959-1962, won 1st-4th Korea Paewang titles for 4 consecutive times.
  • In 1959-1965, won 1st-7th Korea Chaegowi titles for 7 consecutive times.
  • Besides that, he also won 1st Korea Myungin title and 1st Korea Strongest title.

Cho Namchul's games on GGW

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