Rank: 9p
Country: China

Feng Yun's career highlights

  • Born on 10/2/1966 in Liaoning Province, one of only two women 9p in the world.
  • At of age of 9, started learning Go.
  • In 1982, became 4 dan pro.
  • In 1997, advanced to 9 dan pro.
  • In 1983, won 6th National Go Women Individual champion, in 1990 and 1991, second place, in 1993 third place.
  • 1st Baohai Cup World Women Go Competition second place, won 2nd Baohai Cup champion, 3rd and 4th Baohai Cup second place.
  • In 1998, won Kuerle Cup champion.
  • Since 2000, she and her family have been living in New Jersey, USA, you can visit her Go school and Go center at here.

Feng Yun's games on GGW

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