Rank: 6p
Country: Germany

Hans Pietsch's career highlights

  • Born on 9/27/1968 in Germany.
  • In 1990, went to Japan and became a disciple of Kobayashi Satoru.
  • In 1997, became 1p, and in the same year, beat Yoda Norimoto by half point in the first round of 1st LG Cup.
  • In 2000, became 4p.
  • On 1/16/2003, Hans Pietsch was the cruel victim of an armed robbery while on a Go promotional tour for the Nihon Ki-in in Guatamala.
  • On 1/21/2003, awarded 6p by the Nihon Ki-in on his great contributions to promote Go worldwide, and won 36th KIDO International Award.

Hans Pietsch's games on GGW

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