Rank: 9p
Country: Japan

Hikosaka Naoto's career highlights

  • Born on 3/17/1962.
  • In 1976, became 1p.
  • In 1992, advanced to 9p.
  • In 1982, won 6th Ryuen Cup champion.
  • In 1983, won 8th Kisei Tournament 5 dan division champion and challenger of 9th Tengen title.
  • In 1985, won 10th Kisei Tournament 6 dan division champion.
  • In 1985, visited P.R. China.
  • In 1998, won 36th Judan title.

Hikosaka Naoto's games on GGW

Black Player White Player Result Played on Played at Commented By
Hikosaka Naoto Kong Jie W+R 2006-08-26 Toyota Cup World Oza Wang Lei Download Watch
Hikosaka Naoto Kobayashi Satoru W+R 2006-12-14 Meijin Title Download Watch
Mimura Tomoyasu Hikosaka Naoto B+1.5 2007-01-11 Meijin Title Download Watch
Cho U Hikosaka Naoto B+1.5 2007-02-01 Meijin Title Download Watch
So Yokoku Hikosaka Naoto W+R 2007-04-08 NHK Cup Download Watch
Yamada Kimio Hikosaka Naoto W+R 2007-03-01 Meijin Title Download Watch
Sakai Hideaki Hikosaka Naoto B+8.5 2007-04-12 Meijin Title Download Watch
Hikosaka Naoto Yamashita Keigo B+5.5 2007-05-03 Meijin Title Download Watch
Hikosaka Naoto Ko Iso W+1.5 2007-06-07 Meijin Title Download Watch
Gu Li Hikosaka Naoto B+R 2008-08-23 Toyota Cup World Oza Wang Lei Download Watch
Kato Atsushi Hikosaka Naoto W+R 2009-07-19 NHK Cup Download Watch