Rank: 9p
Country: Japan

Ishida Yoshio's career highlights

  • Born on 8/15/1948.
  • In 1957, became a disciple of Kitani Minoru.
  • In 1963, became 1p.
  • In 1974, promoted to 9p.
  • In 1968, won 12th Prime Minister Cup champion.
  • In 1969, won 1st New Pro champion.
  • In 1970 and 1971, won 17th and 18th Nihon Kiin Championship.
  • In 1971, won 26th Honinbo title at the age of 22 and became the youngest Honinbo in history, and concluded to win this title for 5 consecutive years.
  • In 1971 and 1972, won Kisei title twice.
  • In 1974, won Meijin title.
  • In 1974 and 1978, won Oza title twice.
  • In 1984, won 10th Tengen title.
  • In 1987 and 1990, won NHK Cup champion twice.
  • In 1988, won NEC Cup and IBM Cup champions.
  • Winner of Oteai top section twice, at one point winning 30 straight games.
  • Won Pro Top Ten champion twice and Haya-go three times.
  • Won Shusai Award three times.

Ishida Yoshio's games on GGW

Black Player White Player Result Played on Played at Commented By
Nie Weiping Ishida Yoshio B+7 1976-04-19 Friendship Match Download Watch