Rank: 9p
Country: China

Liu Xiaoguang's career highlights

  • Born on 3/20/1960 in Shangdong, China. His wife is Hua Xueming 7p.
  • At the age of 13, started learning go.
  • In 1982, became 6 dan pro.
  • In 1985, promoted to 8 dan pro.
  • In 1988, awarded 9 dan pro by Chinese Go Association.
  • In 1988, won 1st Mingren title, and 8th, 9th and 11th Mingren challenger.
  • In 1980 abd 1990, won 13th and 23th National Go Individual champion.
  • In 1986, won Guoshou title.
  • In 1988-1990 and 1993, won 2nd-4th and 7th Tianyuan titles.
  • 10th Tianyuan final challenger.
  • 5th Fujitsu Cup third place.
  • In 1995, won 1st Friendship Cup champion.
  • 3th Qiwang second place.
  • Won 1st Wangwi title.
  • Won China 1st Mixed Pair Competition champion.

Liu Xiaoguang's games on GGW

Black Player White Player Result Played on Played at Commented By
Liu Xiaoguang Ma Xiaochun W+R 2005-11-30 Liguang Cup Wang Lei Download Watch