Rank: 9p
Country: Japan

Takagawa Shukaku's career highlights

  • Born on 9/21/1915 and died on 11/26/1986.
  • In 1960, promoted to 9 dan pro.
  • From 1952 to 1960, won 7th-15th Honinbo title for 9 consecutive times.
  • Won 1st, 9th & 10th Nihon Kiin Championship.
  • In 1954, won 2nd Oza title.
  • In 1965, won 4th Judan title.
  • In 1966, won 13th NHK title.
  • In 1968, won 7th Meijin title by defeating Rin Kaiho.
  • Winner of the 6th Shusai Award.
  • He was well-known for his skill in the opening, calm and elegant style, and was one of the greatest players of all time.

Takagawa Shukaku's games on GGW

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