Introduction to Go

Go is a strategic board game in which two players take turns placing black and white pieces on a grid in order to encircle territory. The game originated in China and the first historical mention of the game is more than 2400 years old, making it older than all other known board games still played. Since then it has been popularized in Japan and Korea, and later spread to the West. It is now the most widely played board game in the world. Go is famous for its simple rules yet extremely complex gameplay. It is so complex that computers still have no chance of beating the best human players. The game is recognized both as a mind-sport and art in the East and it is not unusual for parents in many Asian countries to let their children study the game as a way of developing their mind and build character.


Go Game World is a website for go fans and serious students of the game. We provide news and info about the game and top players, and resources for improving one’s own game. You will find commented pro games, video lectures, go articles and much more!


To learn more about the game of go please visit the excellent Go-Wikipedia page:


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