A New Version of Go Game World

Welcome to the brand new version of Go Game World!


For more than ten years Go Game World has provided contemporary professional games with comments by strong professional players. In a world where English commentaries on recent top games are hard to come by Go Game World has played an important part in making the wonderful games of the masters more accessible to a western audience. Throughout the years thousands of users have been able to gain insight into the world of pros and learn from their games. Now we are happy to introduce a new, better version of the website. Keep on reading to find out what's new!


A new design

While continuing to provide this service steadily over the years, the design of the website and user experience has stayed virtually the same. Needless to say, after ten years it was beginning to look a little dusty. We have now updated the look and feel of the site to better accommodate the demands of our users.


New features

We still aim to be the main source of commented top games, but we want to make the experience better. Here are some of the new features that Iā€™m sure our users will welcome:

  • Accessibility: Now you can watch our games on several different platforms! Study a game on your phone while taking the bus or on your touchpad while lying in bed.
  • Shareability: It is now possible to share a game that you like with your friends on social platforms such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter etc.
  • User comments: Talk about games directly with other users using the comment feature.
  • Updates: Learn about new games and other news in your RSS-feed or by following us on Facebook.


Go Game World gets a staff of dedicated teachers

In addition to our commented games we are now looking forward to providing users with other ways to study go! We now have a staff of strong teachers who will be updating our site with study material such as:


  • Videos: We will update our site regularly with new videos covering a wide range of subjects such as the study of set patterns (joseki), opening (fuseki) and many other things!
  • Articles: We will have article series on different ways to improve your go as well.
  • Reviews of your own games: It will now be possible to send in your own games to be reviewed and commented by our teachers who have a vast experience in teaching and are experts at finding your weak points.


We welcome feedback from our users and if you have questions or suggestions feel free to drop us an email or leave a comment directly on a post. At Go Game World we love go and we wish that more and more people can enjoy go through our website!

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  1. It’s good to see Go Game World back. I was a subscriber for about two years before, but the cost is now three times more šŸ™
    The news of April 27 about Kim Jsiuk was interesting, but where can I find game records, even without commentary?

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