About Ing Cup

The Ing Cup is sponsored by and named after its founder, Taiwanese businessman, Ing Chang-ki. The cup is also sponsored by Japanese computer giant Ing, the Yomiuri Shinbun, the Nihon Ki-in and the Kansai Ki-in. It is unique in many respects, huge prize money (the champion prize in 1996 was US$400,000, 2nd prize $100,000, 3rd prizes 2 x $25,000, 5th prizes 4 x $15,000, 9th prizes 8 x $5,000), its own Ing rules and a large komi (8 points). The time allowance initially was 3 hours each. From term 2 it was 3.5 hours and a new rule was added that the allowed time can be bought (35 minutes for 2 points extra komi, max. 3 purchases per player; no byo-yomi). The first several rounds are straight knockout games, the semi-finals use best-of-3 format, and the final best-of-5.

All editions of Ing Cup

Type Edition Year Country First Place Second Place Details
title 4th 2000 Lee Changho Chang Hao Games
title 2nd 1992 Seo Bongsoo Otake Hideo Games
title 1st 1988 Cho Hunhyun Nie Weiping Games
title 3rd 1996 Yoo Changhyeok Yoda Norimoto Games
title 5th 2005 Chang Hao Choi Cheolhan Games
title 6th 2009 Choi Cheolhan Lee Changho Games
title 7th Taiwan Games