About Kangwon-Land Cup

Kangwon-Land Cup

is a new ring contest tournament between China and Korea. and it is sponsored by Kangwon-Land Co. of Korea. The rules are 30 minutes each side in regular time and one time 60 second byo-yomi. The champion team prize is 150 million Korean Won (about US$ 150 thousands) and the second-place prize is 50 million Korean Won. Each team consists of six players, in term 1, Chinese players are Chang Hao 9p, Luo Xihe 9p, Gu Li 7p, Wang Xi 5p, Chen Yaoye 5p and Piao Wenyao 4p, and Korean players are Cho Hunhyun 9p, Lee Changho 9p, Lee Sedol 9p, An Choyoung 9p, Kim Dong Yeop 9p and Hong Sungji 4p. Chang Hao helped Chinese Team to win the champion by ending the ring contest with four straight wins.

All editions of Kangwon-Land Cup

Type Edition Year Country First Place Second Place Details
title 1st 2006 CJK Chinese Team Korean Team Games