About King of Kings

The total investment of King of Kings is 500 million South Korean Won, it is one of the biggest Go tournaments in Korea. In this tournament, players are divided into three groups based on their age, young group (below 25 years old), middle-age group (26-50) and elder group (above 51 years old). After the preliminary tournament held inside each group, a total of 24 players, the top eight from each group, will enter into elimination format to decide the champion.

This event is organized by Korean Economy News office, Baduk TV and World Network Baduk Association. The time limit is 10 minutes regular time for each player and 3 times 40 seconds in byo-yomi, the champion prize and the second-place prize for each group is 7 million Won and 3 million Won respectively, and the overall champion prize is 40 million Won and second-place prize is 15 million Won.

All editions of King of Kings

Type Edition Year Country First Place Second Place Details
title 1st 2004 Korea Kim Seong Ryong Kim Juho Games
title 2nd 2005 Korea Lee Changho Choi Cheolhan Games
title 3rd 2006 Korea Lee Changho Park Jungsang Games
title 4th 2007 Korea Kang Doonyoon Lee Changho Games
title 5th 2008 Korea Lee Changho Mok Jinseok Games