About LG Refined Oil Cup

The LG Refined Oil Cup (now the GS Caltex Cup since term 10) is sponsored by LG-Caltex Oil Corporation and the Mae-il Kyeong-che Sin-mun (Daily Economic News), and so far it is the highest-rank Go tournament in Korea. The main tournament is a 16-man knockout culminating in a best-of-five final. Komi is 6.5 points. Time limit is 4 hours each in regular time and 5 times 1 minute in overtime. The champion prize is 50 million Won (about US$ 42.8 thousands).

All editions of LG Refined Oil Cup

Type Edition Year Country First Place Second Place Details
title 7th 2002 Korea Lee Sedol Choi MyungHoon Games
title 6th 2001 Korea Lee Changho Choi MyungHoon Games
title 5th 2000 Korea Choi MyungHoon Rui Naiwei Games
title 4th 1999 Korea Seo Bongsoo Yoo Changhyeok Games
title 3rd 1998 Korea Lee Changho Choi Myunghoon Games
title 2nd 1997 Korea Lee Changho Choi Myunghoon Games
title 1st 1996 Korea Yoo Changhyeok Cho Hunhyun Games
title 8th 2003 Korea Lee Changho Jo HanSeung Games
title 9th 2004 Korea Lee Changho Park YuongHoon Games