About Maxim Cup

The Maxim Cup is sponsored by Dong Suh Foods Co. The full title is the Strongest 9-dans Win & Continue Tournament for the Maxim Cup. The champion prize is 15 million South Korean Won (about US$ 12,700). The tournament starts with all active and available 9-dans (eighteen in term 1) playing a win & continue tournament in which the first pair is drawn by lot, and the winner remains in place, taking on the next players in turn until he is beaten. The new winner then occupies the hot seat in the same way. However, a special rule was imposed limiting the maximum winning streak to three games. The top four players (longest winning streaks) then go into an all-play-all mini-league, and the top two play off in a best-of-three final. Komi is 6.5. Time limits are 30 minutes each in regular time and one move per 40 seconds in overtime.

All editions of Maxim Cup

Type Edition Year Country First Place Second Place Details
title 4th 2003 Korea Jiang Zhujiu Rui Naiwei Games
title 3rd 2002 Korea Yoo Changhyeok Kim Ilhwan Games
title 2nd 2001 Korea Yoo Changhyeok Yang Jaeho Games
title 1st 2000 Korea Choi KyuByung Yoo Changhyeok Games
title 5th 2004 Korea Rui Naiwei Yoo Changhyeok Games
title 6th 2005 Korea Lee Sedol Yang Jaeho Games
title 7th 2006 Korea Lee Sedol Choi Cheolhan Games
title 8th 2007 Korea Lee Sedol Park Jungsang Games
title 9th 2008 Korea Park YuongHoon Mok Jinseok Games
title 10th 2009 Korea Choi Cheolhan Park YuongHoon Games
title 11th 2010 Korea Choi Cheolhan Kang Doonyoon Games
title 12th Korea Games
title 13th Korea Games
tournament_pro 14th 2013 Korea Games