About New Stars Best Ten

The New Stars Best Ten is sponsored by SK Gas, the currect Komi is 6.5, Time limits are 3 hours each. The champion prize is 10 million South Korean Won (about US$ 8.5 thousands).

All editions of New Stars Best Ten

Type Edition Year Country First Place Second Place Details
title 6th 2002 Korea Lee Sedol Paek Daehyun Games
title 5th 2001 Korea Kang Jisung Paek Daehyun Games
title 4th 2000 Korea Lee SangHoon Lee Sedol Games
title 3rd 1999 Korea Mok JinSeok Won SeongJin Games
title 2nd 1998 Korea Lee SeongJae Mok JinSeok Games
title 1st 1997 Korea An Choyoung Kim YoungSam Games
title 7th 2003 Korea Jo HanSeung Paek Daehyun Games
title 8th 2004 Korea Park Jungsang An YoungGil Games
title 9th 2005 Korea Kang Doonyoon Ko geuntae Games
title 10th 2006 Korea Baek Hongsuk Lee Yeongkyu Games
title 11th 2007 Korea Yun Junsang Heo Youngho Games