About Prices Information Cup

Korean Prices Information Cup is a new fast game tournament started in 2005, all players above 6p can participate, the champion and runner-up prize is 20 million Won and 6 million Won respectively.

All editions of Prices Information Cup

Type Edition Year Country First Place Second Place Details
title 1st 2005 Korea Park YuongHoon Lee Changho Games
title 2nd 2006 Korea Lee Sedol Choi WongYong Games
title 3rd 2007 Korea Lee Sedol Lee Yeongkyu Games
title 4th 2008 Korea Hong Sungji Lee Sedol Games
title 5th 2009 Korea Kim Jisuk Lee Changho Games
title 6th 2010 Korea Lee Sedol Lee Changho Games
title 7th Korea Games
title 8th Korea Games