About Samsung Cup

The Samsung Cup World Go Championship is sponsored by Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance of Korea, a subsidiary of Samsung Corp., and hosted by Korean Baduk Association. It is held once every year, and so far the world biggest event. Samsung Cup is well known for flexible rules, the unique feature is its preliminary tournament, all world professional players even amateur players can participate. After several rounds in the preliminary, 16 players will have chance to advance, together with the recommended seed players from China, Japan and Korea and the final four players of last year, a total of 32 players will get into the main event. The semi final may use single-game elimination or best-of-3 format, and the final may use best-of-3 or best-of-5 format.

All editions of Samsung Cup

Type Edition Year Country First Place Second Place Details
title 7th 2002 Cho Hunhyun Wang Lei Games
title 6th 2001 Cho Hunhyun Chang Hao Games
title 5th 2000 Yoo Changhyeok Yamada Kimio Games
title 4th 1999 Lee Changho Cho Sonjin Games
title 3rd 1998 Lee Changho Ma Xiaochun Games
title 2nd 1997 Lee Changho Kobayashi Satoru Games
title 1st 1996 Yoda Norimoto Yoo Changhyeok Games
title 8th 2003 Cho Chikun Park YuongHoon Games
title 9th 2004 Lee Sedol Wang Xi Games
title 10th 2005 Luo Xihe Lee Changho Games
title 11th 2006 Chang Hao Lee Changho Games
title 12th 2007 Lee Sedol Park YuongHoon Games
title 13th 2008 Lee Sedol Kong Jie Games
title 14th 2009 Kong Jie Qiu Jun Games
title 15th 2010 Gu Li Heo Youngho Games
title 16th Games
title 17th Korea Games