About Toyota Cup World Oza

The Toyota Cup World Oza started in 2002, it is another world Go championship tournament after Fujistu, Ing Cup, Samsung, LG Cup and Chunlan Cup, this event is sponsored by Toyota/Denso of Japan. The champion prize are 30 million Japanese Yen (about US$ 284 thousands) and a new Toyota car worth about 10 million Japanese Yen (about US$ 95 thousands).

There are a total of 32 participants, among them 13 players from the host country Japan, 7 each from China and Korea, 5 from other places in the world. The tournament uses single elimination format, the final match is also just one game in term one. In term two, the final was best-of-3 and Lee Sedol defeated Chang Hao by 2:1 in the final. This tournament will be held once every two years.

All editions of Toyota Cup World Oza

Type Edition Year Country First Place Second Place Details
title 1st 2002 Lee Changho Chang Hao Games
title 2nd 2004 Lee Sedol Chang Hao Games
title 3rd 2006 Lee Sedol Cho U Games
title 4th 2008 Gu Li Piao Wenyao Games