About World BC Card Cup

The 1st World BC Card Cup Baduk Championship started to play on 2/28/2009, this tournament was sponsored by BC Card of South Korea, total budget is 1.5 trillion Won. The dimensions of the tournament are very broad, in the preliminary 3395 amateur players participated to fight for 20 amateur positions, these 20 players together with hundreds of professionals will fight for 54 quota in the main event. Only 10 seeds are awarded including top-rank players like Gu Li, Chang Hao, Lee Changho and Lee Sedol. The format is, one hour each side in regular time and 30 seconds for three times in overtime.

All editions of World BC Card Cup

Type Edition Year Country First Place Second Place Details
title 1st 2009 Gu Li Jo HanSeung Games
title 2nd 2010 Lee Sedol Chang Hao Games
title 3rd 2011 Lee Sedol Gu Li Games
title 4th Korea Games