About Xinren Wang

The Chinese Xinren Wang (New Pro) is established for young players, only players under 30 year's old and 7 dan can participate. It uses a simple knockout format, the final is best-of-3. The champion prize is 20,000 Chinese Yuan (about US$ 2,400). Liang Weitang 7p who was just 30 year's old won the champion of Term 1. World Weiqi amateur champion Liu Jun won the champion of Term 4, it was the only amateur champion in Chinese professional tournaments.

All editions of Xinren Wang

Type Edition Year Country First Place Second Place Details
title 9th 2002 China Peng Quan Qiu Jun Games
title 8th 2001 China Gu Li Huang Yizhong Games
title 7th 2000 China Liu Shizhen Ding Wei Games
title 6th 1999 China Hu Yaoyu Qiu Jun Games
title 5th 1998 China Zou Junjie Luo Xihe Games
title 4th 1997 China Liu Jun Wang Hui Games
title 3rd 1996 China Chang Hao Wang Yuhui Games
title 2nd 1995 China Shao Weigang Wang Lei Games
title 1st 1994 China Liang Weitang Wang Lei Games
title 10th 2003 China Kong Jie Hu Yaoyu Games
title 11th 2004 China Qiu Jun Wang Xi Games
title 12th 2005 China Gu Li Yin Hang Games
title 13th 2006 China Li Zhe Wang Yao Games
title 14th 2007 China Zhou Ruiyang Wang Lei (s) Games
title 15th 2008 China Zhou Ruiyang Tuo Jiaxi Games
title 16th 2009 China Shi Yue Zhu Yuanhao Games
title 17th 2010 China Fan Tingyu Yan Huan Games
title 19th China Games