About Yongda Cup

The Yongda Cup is sponsored by Chinese Weiqi Association and Yongda Group Corp. In Term 1, eight top players were invited, the champion and runner-up prize are 60,000 Chinese Yuan and 30,000 Chinese Yuan respectively. In Term 2, a total of 16 players participated, the champion and runner-up prize were increased to 10,000 Chinese Yuan (about US$ 1,200) and 50,000 Chinese Yuan respectively. The tournament uses a single knockout format in Term 1 and 2 in all rounds but the final in Term 2 was best-of-3. Time limit is 2 hours each player plus 5 minutes in overtime, Komi is 6.5 points.

All editions of Yongda Cup

Type Edition Year Country First Place Second Place Details
title 2nd 2004 China Hu Yaoyu Shao Weigang Games
title 1st 2002 China Chang Hao Yu Bin Games