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(;C[Downloaded from]SZ[19]KM[6.5]EV[CJK 8th Nong Shim Cup Ring Contest game 7]DT[2006-11-24]PPB[Yamada Kimio]BR[9p]PW[Peng Quan]WR[7p]RE[W+3.5];B[qd];W[qp];B[cd];W[cp];B[op];W[oq] ;B[nq];W[pq];B[eq];W[ip];B[do];W[co];B[dn];W[cm];B[cq];W[dm];B[dp];W[np];B[qj] ;W[ec];B[hd];W[cg];B[de];W[fm]LB[bq:a][em:b][di:c];B[cn];W[bn];B[bq];W[di];B[dc] ;W[nc];B[pc]C[As to W30, the answer of B31 is too inconvenient. Zhou Junjie suggests, with B31 Black should pincer-attack W30. In the game, White's shape is too vivid.

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