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How to play Go

The rules of go are very simple:


  • Two players take turns placing stones (that’s the name of the pieces) on the intersections of a grid on an empty board. One player takes black and one player takes white, black goes first.
  • Once a stone is placed it cannot be moved unless it is captured. The adjacent intersections of a stone are called that stone’s liberties and a stone is captured when all the liberties of the stone are occupied by the opponent’s stones.
  • When you place a stone next to your own stone they create a chain. Your opponent then has to take the liberties of the whole chain in order to capture the chain.
  • You are not allowed to place a stone where it would have no liberties, unless that move captures one or several of the stones occupying those liberties.
  • The board position may not be repeated two moves in a row.

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